Informationen über Fitness Turm Haslach

Gerbergasse 5
77716, Haslach im Kinzigtal
+49 7832 7080010


  • Montag: 06:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Dienstag: 06:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Mittwoch: 06:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Donnerstag: 06:00–13:00 Uhr, 16:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Freitag: 06:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Samstag: 11:00–19:00 Uhr
  • Sonntag: 09:00–17:00 Uhr

Ihr Fitnessstudio in Haslach | der Experte für ✅ Fitness ✅ Kurse ✅ Wellness ✅ Abnehmen ✅ Firmenfitness uvm. im Kinzigtal! ➔ Jetzt kennenlernen.

Weil alles was wir hier TUN und unseren Mitgliedern täglich vermitteln selbst leben. Qualifizierte Trainer, umfassende Analysen und innovative Trainingskonzepte sorgen dafür, dass Sie Ihre sportlichen und gesundheitlichen Ziele erreichen.

Bauen Sie Muskeln auf, verbessern Sie Ausdauer, Koordination, Flexibilität und entdecken Sie, was in Ihnen steckt. Lassen Sie sich von uns für Ihre Sportart fit machen oder sorgen Sie mit unseren Präventionsprogrammen und Kursen dafür, dass Sie auch im Alter noch fit und agil sind - wir helfen Ihnen dabei!

Genießen Sie nach dem Training eine Auszeit in unserer exklusiven Wellness-Anlage hoch über den Dächern von Haslach, relaxen Sie auf unserer Dachterrasse und lassen Sie es sich gutgehen!


Fitness Turm Haslach hat seine Beschreibung noch nicht ausgefüllt.

Fitness Turm Haslach: Stellungnahmen

Frank Lieber 6 days ago

Top gym everything the fitness heart desires and sometimes motivated trainers

Sorry 4 Nothing 1 month ago

Is cool

Anastasiya Vasileuskaya 2 months ago

A good studio with sauna with a great view. You can enter as a Hansefit member.

dean erath 3 months ago

Very good and well-trained team, always up to date in terms of health and training Good location keep it up!

Angelika Armbruster 6 months ago

Very good care and friendly staff.

Claud 7 months ago

I took advantage of the Flexi subscription and was really very satisfied with this gym. The quality of the equipment and the ambience are really very good. Everything is kept in order and cared for. My trainer was Phil who was very pleasant and responsive to my needs. I can only recommend the fitness tower with the customized offer and monthly cancellation!

Andi 2912 10 months ago


Frank Kohler 10 months ago

Das passt

Finn W. 11 months ago

Extremely friendly and perfectly equipped. Trainers who have a great idea of ​​their profession and a location with a WOW effect!

Erika Huber 1 year ago

Hat Spaß gemacht, endlich wieder trainieren ????️

Gabriel Maier 1 year ago

I have been going to the tower for several years now. There is a great atmosphere, new training equipment and the staff is friendly and helpful. I can only recommend the fitness tower.

Sebastian Wallner 1 year ago

I'm in the tower for half a year and feel great. The team is very nice and friendly. There is a big offer. Can only recommend to anyone to train there.

Claudia Fingerhut 1 year ago

Simply a perfect place for fitness in any kind ... The course offer as well as the trainers great! I feel in good hands, the trainers like to take their time and give expert advice and tips. A nice atmosphere the hustle and bustle remains outside, did not think that fitness can be so fun !!

Laura 1 year ago

Very motivating to train with you! Competent coaching team and a great equipment! With the current promotion offers even more favorable conditions;)

Leon Fitzsche 1 year ago

Very good gym. They have new equipment everything is clean, they have a very large selection of equipment and courses. Friendly staff, wide selection of shakes.

Chris Meyer 1 year ago

I feel very well. A great studio studio with a pleasant atmosphere. Everything you need for a proper and varied training.

Benjamin Bonath 1 year ago

I have been training in the tower for many years. It is the perfect balance for my everyday working life. The devices are top, the coaches friendly and are always available for questions. I can only recommend the tower! Keep it up...

Stefan 1 year ago

Hello fitness fans and those who want to be. This studio offers everything needed for a successful training: competent trainers, modern equipment, all kinds of courses and sports nutrition. Rounded off by a wellness area, which invites you to linger. This is not boring ...

Yvonne 1 year ago

To train here is a dream. The old walls of the Hukla Tower give the "tower" an incredible charm. No Mukki Bude in any industrial area, but a "fitness temple" in a historic building. The sauna on the roof, overlooking the old town of Haslach and the surrounding mountains, "shoot the bird". If the walls are old, the equipment is up to date and the trainers are young, fresh and competent. I also like to go to the courses. Especially spinning and the body workout course are awesome. I have never had so much sore muscles After my short child break, I'm starting right now again.

Ines O 1 year ago

I have been training in the fitness tower in Haslach since 2018 and have renewed it for another two years. It is really fun here, the atmosphere is great, there are many different courses and the equipment is up to date. In addition, the team is super friendly and you are well taken care of.

Klaus Bernd Müller 1 year ago

I like to go to this gym. Very pleasant atmosphere, very well maintained and spacious rooms are available. The appliances are always up to date, very friendly staff. You have the opportunity to attend different courses and complete the training with a visit to the sauna. There is something for everybody. Interesting lectures with well-known fitness health coaches are also part of the program of this well-kept fitness center. I have been there regularly for many years to train.

Lisa Schmitz 1 year ago

On four floors, there is a modern and clean fitness scene, which leaves nothing to be desired in the e-gym area, the back training, the cardio area, free training sessions in the Gym 80 and functional gymnasium, as well as a varied course program for young and old. The well-trained staff is available around the clock for questions and appointments for the Trainidrenden responsive and support the individual Traiingsziele- whether Bodyforming, Ausdsuer, strength or weight loss. In the green, pleasant wellness area, you can relax after training and promote muscle regeneration - among other things, through a large supply of protein. There are always lectures by external experts to refresh the knowledge about health and fitness. That's why my 5 stars;)

Nicole Uhl 1 year ago

Since 2008 I belong to the tower team. In the areas of service, organization, training area, courses (back meets yoga) and p5 are my areas of responsibility. Here I am challenged and encouraged :-) It never gets boring because my responsibilities are wide and go in all directions. A thank you to my bosses Tina and Alex, who have already made many training possible. I am particularly pleased to see how members, as well as my students, are making progress, accepting challenges and mastering them with pride. Thanks for that, it's fun to work with you and for you!

Sony 1 year ago

A great gym with everything you need for an effective and varied workout. Specific training goals are also achieved here. Super sympathetic and competent coaching staff. New top devices also a diverse, ingenious course offer! Holistic health-conscious, regularly valuable lectures. Motivation is very important here. Unbeatable overall concept !!! Great team !!! ; )

Jan Kern 1 year ago

A great gym with a pleasant atmosphere. There are many different exercise equipment available for all muscle groups. In addition, it is always very clean and the trainers are very nice.

Michel Thierry 1 year ago

The fitness tower Haslach everything is possible, individual, cardio, fitness, back, force, Bodycross-, nutrition training, and supervised courses such as Pilates, Spinning, Yoga, Zumba and much more ... Of course, there's also a spa with massage , Bio and Finnish sauna. is complemented throughout with various outdoor activities. In the entrance area can be found to fill the protein reserves after training or take the café in front of the endurance training for power assistance, a self-service beverage bar, and a beverage bar for example. Rounding out the whole by a friendly, competent Betreuer- and helper team.

Michael Merk 1 year ago

Great decor, much is offered. Sophisticated courses, yoga, Pilates bodyworkout, flexx, eGym and sauna. Great devices. As well as super motivated employees, who pay attention to your posture during your training and correct you. Had visited other gyms that did not have this care. Always looking forward to training. The girls at the reception are of course the figurehead. The first impression counts and runs through the whole fitness tower. Of course not everything is perfect but close to it

Sandra Műller 1 year ago

Am on the recommendation of my doctor in the tower. And I can only say: It brings something. Great atmosphere and trainers you can always ask for advice. Keep it up

Lucia Moser 1 year ago

Here, training is just fun, great atmosphere, nice, friendly, motivated staff - transfers to the visitors, wide range of courses and equipment - from beginners to professionals something, appealing counter area - here you can enjoy a shake .... .Man feels comfortable with every visit.

Sabine Kraft 1 year ago

I have been working as a teacher in the studio since 2011. I really like the location and the atmosphere. The equipment is first class and the colleagues are technically competent and very friendly. Just great people I feel very connected to the participants of my courses and we have fun together, both during training and while relaxing. I would particularly like to mention the extraordinary commitment of my boss and my boss to strengthen the team spirit. Thanks a lot for this.

Susanne Vespermann 1 year ago

Gym à la "Schöner Wohnen". Training at the highest level. Nice people. Devices always up to date. Gorgeous outdoor activities and very great, professional courses. Most beautiful roof terrace of all Haslach. An enrichment in every respect. The tower sets impulses and makes you try something new every now and then - thanks for that!

Bernd Heinzelmann 1 year ago

Great gym with nice staff. All very nice and friendly. Generally everything is very well maintained. Simply recommended.

Tim Wölfle 1 year ago

Since 2016 I am in the Fitnessturm in Haslach. And year after year I like it better because of the constant improvements. Among other things, I like the central location and short distance to my place of residence very well. The appliances and the interiors are very high quality and well maintained. I would like to note the always friendly team that could help you anytime. I can only recommend the fitness tower.

Carmen Weber 1 year ago

I've been in the tower for a few years now and feel very comfortable there. The staff is technically competent and always there for you, if you have questions about the training or the equipment. Especially friendly and always in a good mood is Petra at the bar. She is for me the good soul of the house. With her you can have good conversation even after training.

Hubert Matt 1 year ago

I have been training in the fitness tower since 2007 and I am very satisfied. Petra at the reception helps me with any questions. The training hours are very high. Lucia and Sonja train my body on top form. It makes you feel like new again. In the sauna you can relax with an infusion great. The entire tower team is friendly and helpful. It is a clean, well-furnished house. "The torture room is always a challenge.I hope that I can train in the tower for a long time Regards Regina Schäfer.

Benjamin Kiefer 1 year ago

I can recommend the Fittness tower in Haslach to everyone, the coaches are very competent and create you a individually coordinated training program to achieve your personal goals. The whole environment is very familiar.

Kathrin Wöhrle 1 year ago


Stephan Krämer 1 year ago

family environment, stylish ambience, great team, state-of-the-art equipment, varied offer - these are some of the reasons why I train in the tower and feel comfortable. I can only recommend it to anyone!

Tim Waldenmeyer 1 year ago

My son and I have been a member of the Haslach fitness tower for many years. I can only say positive things: the ambience in the tower (over several floors) is certainly unique in Germany, the equipment is very good and the trainers are professionally competent and motivated (and are always available to answer questions). This is rounded off by a wide range of courses => everyone will find their ideal training structure here individually. I would recommend at least a trial session to anyone interested.

Hanna 1 year ago

Super friendly and competent staff :-) In the course offers and the existing equipment in my opinion for everyone the right thing! Can only recommend it :-) really fun!

Louisa Wölfel 1 year ago

I have been in the Fitnessturm for 5 months and can only recommend it. The staff are all very friendly and competent. The appliances and the interiors are very high quality and always well maintained. The courses have something for everyone. A very serious gym.

Franzi E. 1 year ago

Great working atmosphere and very nice and competent team :) I love the work because I can implement many ideas and may set the tower and BGF apart from other providers.

Martin Kammerer 1 year ago

Hello Tina Hello Alex What you have done in the years since the Fitness Tower was opened deserves all respect. You lead the studio very professionally and far-sighted. I can only recommend to anyone, whether young or old, whether experienced athlete or beginner, just test it. You can expect top equipment, professional trainers, a great sauna area and a first-class ambience.

Gerd Wößner 1 year ago

I've been a member for a few years and it's still a great studio. Friendly and competent trainers. The equipment with modern functioning and clean equipment is great and the courses offered with considerate and knowledgeable trainers are great.

Helga Semling 1 year ago

For me a studio that offers everything to stay fit with fun: Great course offer with motivated trainers, training areas with always up-to-date equipment, saunas and friendly staff! Tina and Alex please keep it up!

Martin Jaegle 1 year ago

Great gym with competent and always friendly trainers. Super course offer, especially the indoor cycling with Harald I can highly recommend! I am a member for 5 years and have never looked back ...

Franz Semling 1 year ago

A cool gym, the decor is always up to date. Special events and interesting lectures complement the course and training offer useful. The trainers are competent, friendly and motivated. The owners Tina and Alex run their studio with a lot of heart and let the members feel this.

Hans-Jürgen 1 year ago

I have been in the tower for almost 5 years. I enjoy the great offer with a lot of variety, the beautiful events, the view over Haslachs roofs from the terrace. The colorful audience and in the first place the always friendly staff and the competent trainers motivate me again and again. Thanks to you that my intervertebral disc is well again.

Elke Isenmann 1 year ago

I've been training in the fitness tower for many years. The fitness rooms on different floors I find very pleasant. I am very satisfied with my trainer and the instructors. They offer a great, exhausting and varied training. Petra always has a good mood, you will be greeted friendly and humorous at check-in. You get to know many nice people in the tower :)

Bianca 1 year ago

Super Studio! Competent advice from friendly and qualified staff, very clean, new equipment, great features and modern design provide a feel-good atmosphere; In addition, plenty of parking, great saunas. Keep it up

Michael 1 year ago

Very modern and clean gym with a comprehensive schedule, where there is something for everyone. The staff are all very friendly and competent. I really enjoy training and can recommend the Fitness Tower Haslach to anyone

Sandro Vollmer 1 year ago

I have been around for 1.5 years. Fitness tower is very good. Can I recommend to anyone. Especially Mr. cafer. He is a very competent trainer as well as the whole team of the Fitness Tower.

Rafael W. 1 year ago

I have been a very satisfied member of the tower for several years. 2 years ago I had 2 heavy operating theaters and since then has been very well rehabilitated by personal care and customized training programs. I highly recommend the Fitness Turn to anyone.

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