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Treverer-Straße 1
54411, Hermeskeil
+49 6503 8002466


  • Montag: 08:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Dienstag: 08:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Mittwoch: 08:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Donnerstag: 08:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Freitag: 08:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Samstag: 09:00–17:00 Uhr
  • Sonntag: 09:00–17:00 Uhr

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Hill-Fitness GmbH: Stellungnahmen

fussball87 7 1 year ago

Friendly staff and plenty of exercise equipment available

vxnx _2769 1 year ago

Super friendly staff, everything is well maintained and well equipped - definitely a recommendation, even for beginners or people who have never been to the gym

Ralf Weiler 1 year ago

It's fine if you can and want to

NICO KAHN 1 year ago

Friendly staff. Top devices. The only thing that bothers me is that someone always glues the 60 kg dumbbells otherwise the best gym in the area

Daniel Meier 1 year ago

Super nice trainers I'm really satisfied and you quickly notice success

Doris Jäckels 1 year ago

Super nice staff

M. H. 1 year ago

Very well! Nice team! Just sometimes a bit busy.

Alexander Schmitz 1 year ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Thomas H 1 year ago

If you want to use proper equipment and a few special poles or the like, this is the right place for you! Very nice staff and above all you can train hard here without compromise Gladly again!

Katharina Weber 2 years ago

Very helpful and friendly staff. The range of devices is great

DarknessKnight 2 years ago

Find the floor quality 1a music choice is cool because bts and next time please play dance monkey

Thomas Krawietz 2 years ago

Very good support

C K 2 years ago

Super support, competent and friendly.

Stefan 2 years ago

Have been a member there for 3 years. Was previously in another studio that was boring. I enjoy training there. Large range of exercises and equipment. The trainers are great.

Monika Bauer 2 years ago

Excellent advice from competent staff. Always friendly and helpful. Very clean studio with a lot of training opportunities. Comfortable climatic conditions. I am glad I chose this studio.

Anke Weinig 2 years ago

Competent advice & support, contact person always there, very clean.

Eugen Edlinger 2 years ago

Very good specialist staff. Great facilities

Mamdouh Ahmad 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism

Moise Potirca 2 years ago

Positive: Communication , Professionalism , Quality

Annika Rommelfanger 3 years ago

Super nice, polite and qualified team that is always happy to help with any questions here I always like to train

Fe Zw 3 years ago

Great studio with super nice and competent staff. Many different devices available for individual training plans. Top

Jens Fiesta 3 years ago

Great studio, very friendly and helpful staff, you feel comfortable and always welcome

Klaus Peter Kehlberger 3 years ago

Many skills

Michael Sänger 3 years ago

Great studio. The staff are all very polite and competent. Can only be recommended !!!!

bernd heiden 3 years ago


wolfgang schwab 3 years ago

Super nice staff and great studio three thumbs up

Dariusz Zacharzyński 4 years ago

Friendly and obliging service, professional approach, a lot of space, an affordable monthly fee.

Bikerz_ Pro 4 years ago

Good selection of different devices and great trainers

Michael Knippel 4 years ago

Top Studio, Top Trainer and everything you need.

Elena Braun 4 years ago

A very good studio! Unfortunately, I can not train there regularly, because the distance in the long run is too long and expensive for me. I was very friendly and competent advice, although I have immediately communicated honestly that I probably, because of the above-mentioned reason, there will not conclude a contract.

Ron Lemmen 4 years ago

Friendly staff, good selection of equipment. Good layout, not too crowded.

Steffen Görgen 4 years ago

All you need

Hasan Murshed 4 years ago

Super nice healthy place. I enjoy training there.

Anna Hares 5 years ago


Stefan Scherbaum 5 years ago

Great gym

Abraham Schmitt 5 years ago

Top studio with great equipment and competent advice!

Stefan Moersdorf 5 years ago

Super care and guidance

Gerd B. 5 years ago

Top service, top trainer, my health is the main focus here!

Herbert Eiden 5 years ago

Professional advice and support in fitness and nutrition.

Jochen Esseln 6 years ago

Top advice and 1 a devices at a good price

Thorsten Maring 7 years ago

Top gym! The operators (and coaches) understand their craft!

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