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Schuhstraße 7
31134, Hildesheim
05121 9998860


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Du möchtest abnehmen, Fett verbrennen, deinen Rücken stärken oder Muskeln aufbauen? Und das in kurzer Zeit ? Dann bist du hier bei uns richtig! Mit unserem EASYFITNESS EMS Konzept helfen wir dir dabei, dein Ziel zu erreichen. Eine Trainingseinheit bei uns dauert nur 20 Minuten und das immer mit einem eigenen Personaltrainer. Neugierig geworden? Kontaktiere uns gerne für mehr Infos.


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Easyfitness.club EMS Hildesheim: Stellungnahmen

Sven Knoesel 1 year ago

Super nice and professional staff! Efficient training! I can only recommend it!

Jolanta Tusk 1 year ago

Super nice and motivated trainers. It's really fun to do sports in the studio.

Thomas Andreas 1 year ago

Great first practice today, thanks Jasper.

Manuela Hartleib 1 year ago

I did my first EMS training today, it was really fun. You are a good team, please keep it up and I can only recommend you.

kareem Farrag 1 year ago

I've been one of those people who always thinks this type of training isn't for me. I had an accident 4 months ago and gained way too much weight. I've always been fit and couldn't go to a regular gym until now, so I joined this wonderful gym. Since then my life has changed. The workout only takes 20 minutes and I'm exhausted by the end of the workout every time. The people there know exactly how to motivate you. Every time they push me to step on the gas. I lost more than 3 kg in 3 weeks. I can only recommend Easyfitness Ems. By the way, Jasper is the best :D

Danielle Porfirio 1 year ago

I've been a member since the beginning and it was the best decision. I was already registered for the normal Easyfitness and also do the EMS training. All the trainers there are super motivated and attentive, at the same time they are all a bit different and I see it as an advantage. You will definitely find something for yourself! Jesper gives a super strong workout that fits my expectations very well. He gets extra praise from me here! :)

Avtandil Bukia 1 year ago

Jasper is the lobster up very pleased

surf'ncut barber 1 year ago

Absolutely cool studio and the training including service can only be recommended. Thank you

ram Azg 1 year ago

Great studio, just great

Mo Sch 1 year ago

Just like the studio in Hanover, simply a mega concept. I'm used to much worse from the competition. From now on Team Easyfitness EMS ;)

malte Blxk 1 year ago

Simply a grandiose studio, which is unparalleled throughout Germany, has been in many EMS studios and I particularly like this one

Alexander Semig 1 year ago

Great studio and friendly staff! It has rarely been so easy to achieve my summer figure :)

Dustin Miotke 1 year ago

Thanks to Tim for the advice, I've been a happy member for 2 weeks!

Joshua Kaßing 1 year ago

Mega Studio - Great staff who know what you are offering. Clear recommendation!

Anja Werner 1 year ago

super nice team and great training

Julia Schmidt 1 year ago

I'm really looking forward to my next training, you're just

Jasmin Kirschke 1 year ago

I went to the first training session on Friday. It started with a check-up of my body and my goals/desires. Was able to test the massage table. Really a blessing! I had the training with Moritz. He was really great at guiding and motivating the whole time and paying attention to the targeted implementation of the exercises and it was a lot of fun. It's so awesome to know that if you do all 20 minutes, that's enough muscle building for the week. @Moritz: Thank you very much for the first great training session with you!! Well done, looking forward to the next time!;-)

Cora Schumann 1 year ago

The Easyfitness EMS in Hildesheim is simply great. Motivated and above all friendly staff, upscale interior design, great coffee lounge and on top of that the massage lounger . I'm a big fan and I feel very well looked after there. I can REALLY RECOMMEND training with Moritz. There is nothing comparable on the gym market in Hildesheim .

Dirk Gäbler 1 year ago

I really enjoy the training, it feels effective and, as promised, is very quick. The team is super nice. For me everything fits.

Luca Wulf 1 year ago

A great address for sporty fitness in Hildesheim. Employees are all very highly professional and have a high level of expertise. Prices are perfectly fine for EMS training, most providers charge significantly more. Go there after work and show up without sportswear, these will be provided to you on site, more service is hardly possible. All around a carefree package - only to be recommended!

A K 1 year ago

Absolute recommendation. At first I was a bit scared of the current, but that was totally unfounded. The training is a lot of fun, great trainers and you can already see decent results in the mirror :)

Antony Swallow 1 year ago

Good atmosphere and motivated team. The training itself is promisingly effective thanks to the active support of the trainers. KEEP IT UP :-)

Leon 1 year ago

The studio is as wonderful as any other. The staff is always highly motivated and looks after you throughout your visit. Plus coffee lounge and massage table, just perfect.

Melanie Iorio 1 year ago

Super training, nice employees, it's fun.... How great the success is remains to be seen.... At least it feels very effective

Rivaldo Enrique Mateus 1 year ago

really cool The training is just too awesome and the trainers are just super nice. Anyone who wants to have a stronger, more defined or different body and sometimes mental upgrades should register.

Natti 1 year ago

Great studio with a motivated team. The training was great fun and the massage table rounded it off perfectly

Dennis Adenstedt 1 year ago

Very nice studio great team there what motivates you and yes the first training was also very good I'm looking forward to the others..

Marina Kahl 1 year ago

Best workout ever! For me exactly the right thing, preferably with Yannick

Angelika Kla 1 year ago

I like the studio very much, I've always wanted to try an EMS studio and I'm very satisfied, it's really fun. The team is competent and very friendly.

Yvonne Wendling 1 year ago

A really great studio with a feel-good character. The training is fun and effective. The team is very friendly and motivating! When you enter the studio, you immediately feel comfortable and are constantly looked after. The studio is very modern, neat and clean. I can only recommend it and I'm already looking forward to the next unit!

Silvia Hagemann 1 year ago

Did the second training today and it's really fun. A great friendly team. Keep it up!!! I'm already looking forward to the next time

Jörg Läbe 1 year ago

Finally an EMS studio with motivated staff. I'm sure I'll finally get rid of my bacon here. Additional coffee lounge and massage bed make this studio the top 1 in Hildesheim.

Marvin Weisner 1 year ago

This EMS studio will conquer Hildesheim shortly.

Bel Ro 1 year ago

Great training opportunity, very competent and friendly team, I am totally enthusiastic and can only recommend it.

Martina Schnellbacher 1 year ago

Finally Easyfitness EMS is coming to Hildesheim!

jan andre bueschgens 1 year ago

Very, very nice staff, I felt in good hands and I'm really excited. I recommend everyone to stop by and make up their own mind. There are 5 stars from me

Sandra Kaiser 1 year ago

You're finally coming to Hildesheim, I'm really happy about it. I usually train in the southern part of Hanover and we (my husband and I) are more than happy with everything. I work in Hildesheim and that's why it fits perfectly

Manuela Müller 1 year ago

My girlfriend trains at Easyfitness EMS in Hanover and is totally thrilled. Now I'll soon have the opportunity

All In Lifestyle 1 year ago

The concept was introduced to me today. I'm thrilled and secured the offer. It starts in April

Marcello Senatore2 1 year ago

What can I say, the conversation was very pleasant and the offer is tempting, I'm in.

Jürgen Schramm 1 year ago

Had a great consultation today. Super motivated trainers and a great offer. I'm looking forward to April.

Alexander Gräske 1 year ago

Now EASYFITNESS EMS is finally coming to Hildesheim, it couldn't be any better You also saved a lot of money with the offer! It's still under construction, but you can already see what a bomb studio it's going to be. I'm full of anticipation and can't wait!

Yannick Zöllner 1 year ago

Great studio, you see results very quickly and very effectively, a great thing for anyone who wants to save a lot of time. I am convinced !

Marcel Stojanov 1 year ago

Was advised very nicely. I'm already looking forward to April. The design also looks very promising.

Sarah Musermann 1 year ago

I signed up today because I really liked the concept. Thank you for the nice advice.

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