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  • Mittwoch: 07:30–20:00 Uhr
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  • Freitag: 07:30–17:30 Uhr
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Rehazentrum Pinneberg: Stellungnahmen

4.4/5 (25 Stellungnahmen)
Nicole tornesch 1 year ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: I felt very comfortable here. Doctors, physiotherapists and reception staff were all very nice and courteous.

torsten gonska 2 years ago

Positive Erfahrung: You are greeted in a friendly manner, the people are there for you because the trainers also correct poor posture during training

D S 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Great therapists, the team treated me with loving care, a very dedicated receptionist, a competent and committed doctor. Here a woman is not a number, but a person and is treated, cared for and led to healing and improvement on an individual basis. I wish there would be such a great and committed team in many a doctor's practice.

Bozena Knabe 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Recently I have undergone a four week's treatment at this rehab hospital in Pinneberg and I must say that it is not easy to evaluate it because everyone has to make their own experience. For me personally everything fitted. The people were kind and friendly and I felt that I was in very good hands. A few weeks before the beginning of the treatment I received an invitation letter with a check list. On the register day I got a folder with a plan for treatment ( day, time, name of trainer, physiotherapist, lecturer, doctor, room number). Well organised! The lectures and the presentations were satisfying. Mr Gentzel e.g. put a lot of efforts to make them informative and enjoyable (group work, quiz, interactive questions, just a pleasant way of forwarding messages). Also my orthopaedist, tried very hard to look after me in the best possible way. She devotes a lot of time with the patients examining them as well as recommending appriopriate treatment. Further, the physiotherapists and the trainers did a good job, too; glancing at the patients, controlling and helping them by doing exercises in the right way, or just having a small talk. Finally, many thanks to the helpful receptionists, kitchen and cleaning staff. (The house is clean and the disinfectants are within a reach). It was only a pity that the swimming pool was locked. But never mind. You learn there much and are on the best way to recover. All in all I consider the time spent there as a positive experience. That's why I have made up my mind to take up a fitness training at this rehab facility and I really recommend it to everyone. Kind regards

Heike Tetzlaff 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Nice personel. Easily accessible.

Gaby Freese 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Unfortunately, I cannot understand the bad reviews here! Had a three-week rehab treatment there, felt warmly welcomed there, all employees were always helpful, courteous and always did everything to ensure that you were fine there. The treatment would be perfectly tailored to my needs according to my needs. So I can only speak positively of the Pinneberg Rehabilitation Center. A great team!

K V 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: I always feel in good hands here

H. 2 years ago

Positive Erfahrung: Therapists great and mostly well motivated. Group therapies ok, but dependent on the therapist. What does not work, call therapists to supervise the studio at the same time in group therapies and overlapping after 25 min (45 min planned). Sometimes there are also days when 3 therapists are in the studio. Otherwise, the premises in the rehabilitation center are easily accessible, clean and completely adequate. Appointments could be a little better. The ladies are otherwise very hard-working and friendly. I still enjoy coming to rehab here and would recommend it to others.

Dirk Malik 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: 4 weeks of rehabilitation in the Pinneberger Center! All around perfect! After a severe back operation!, There was support and demand, the whole thing self-determined, not everyone can cope with that, there is a lot on offer ..... I just have to do it! The pain and stress management a dream, the social advice top! The lectures are informative! Keep it up! I'll be back Oh yes, all employees friendly and hard at all times!

Heike Strzysio 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: The bad reviews and experiences for the Pinneberg Rehabilitation Center are incomprehensible to me. I had just been in an outpatient rehabilitation program at the Pinneberg Rehabilitation Center for 4 weeks. I felt very comfortable and in good hands there the entire time. All employees were very competent and extremely helpful and nice. The various applications (such as physiotherapy, physical therapy, medical training therapy, occupational therapy) are individually tailored / tailored to each individual patient. In addition, very informative lectures were held on topics such as nutrition, exercise and training, and psychological topics. In addition to weight training, functional gymnastics, spinal gymnastics and a back training session were on (my) daily schedule. There were no long waiting times between the different appointments. So there was no boredom :-). During my stay, great attention was paid to the strict Corona rules. It was ventilated regularly, the minimum distance was observed and everything that was in use was then thoroughly disinfected. For me personally, it was an all-round successful measure.

Janina Pallischeck 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Super great baby swimming. Lovingly. We feel very comfortable here.

Klaus Worgall 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Despite Corona, I can only report positive things. With all the known restrictions, everyone is doing a great job there. Whether doctors, therapists, psychologists or social workers, everyone was nice and in a good mood. Of course everyone there has their own characteristics and that's why some can do better with one and less with the other. Kudos to the kitchen fairies too. If I have to go to rehab again and outpatient rehab is possible, I can come back at any time. Hopefully then without corona restrictions and in normal operation. Thank you and everyone stays healthy.

Nicole Barmbold 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: I don't understand all the bad reviews regarding outpatient rehab (I can't judge anything else). 5 years ago I completed an outpatient rehab here and felt very well looked after from the start. Reception, doctors, trainers ... everyone was very nice and competent. I received tips for my everyday life. In 3 weeks I will be there again (chosen on purpose) and I very much hope that the rehab can take place.

Eiko2002 2 years ago

Positive Erfahrung: Edit: After consultation with the quality management, my concerns will be taken care of. Thank you for that In two of the two appointments held so far, individual parts of the treatment have been canceled. Now the third appointment has also been canceled. The registration staff are polite but only work according to the scheme F. No patient-oriented solutions for cancellations. All you hear is we're sorry. It also fails when it comes to the simplest of tasks, such as reading the recipe correctly. Furthermore, with the first two cancellations, I was not informed that it is also possible to postpone appointments entirely, so I have only received partial treatment twice, which may prolong my recovery process. In relation to a full treatment. Since other physiotherapy practices are currently busy, a change is unfortunately not possible. So there is nothing else left for me I only go to physiotherapy with a bad feeling because I don't feel valued as a patient in this house. As soon as my prescription is through, I will not take any further measures in this house and advise those of my friends not to be treated in this house.

Thomas Möller 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Good organization and a top team of therapists. Was a patient for 6 weeks after a difficult knee fracture and am back on my feet. Thanks says Jana Möller.

Marek Schmidt 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: I was able to do a long rehab here after a serious accident. The staff were very committed, helpful and friendly! I was helped a lot and many ideas were optimally addressed to my problems. I would like to particularly praise the employees Thimo and Anna. Thanks again!

M Z 2 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Before that I was at an EAP in another institution ... I can only recommend this one! I would go there again and again. Very nice people, you are listened to and you are really looked after. Many Thanks. Kind regards

Bärbel Kieselbach 3 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: I was in the Pinneberg Rehabilitation Center for 4 weeks and I was very satisfied. The therapists, as well as the entire treatments and lectures, were great! ,the ,the

BLN Performance 3 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: I really enjoyed my three weeks of rehab. Very nice, committed and motivating team, nice sports offers and a training area with a view of the forest. Overall satisfied - I can fully recommend it.

Sabine Backmann 3 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Am now 3 weeks there and have been very happy about an extension. I can only report positive no matter which application or which employee (including the ladies in the application) it concerns. Here you really have the feeling that a good and happy to help, even if it comes to bottlenecks of employees. It is very responsive to the needs of patients and the lectures are very informative and helpful. Personally, I can say that nothing better could have happened to me. I have never been helped so well and I can not remember the last time I was so painless and relaxed. A big thank you and I can only recommend it.

Martina Comos 3 years ago

Fantastische Erfahrung: Super nice team, top applications feel on my ambulatory rehabilitation very good and informal reserved. Process is on time, the seminars understandable and interesting fitness bracelets everything about equipment available and maintained, good and mega nice care by the trainers. Also the comment on the receptionists I can not understand, they are very nice always a smile and very good information. Probably it is, as it looks in the forest so it turns out again. Who comes with a smile and a good mirgen will receive just as friendly

Ralf Wilms 3 years ago

Positive Erfahrung: Although I already canceled my membership months ago by mail because of my move to Kassel, contributions will continue to be deducted ... Unbelievable !! In the meantime everything was done. Thanks, but why did it take so long?

Ich 5 years ago

Positive Erfahrung: The therapists are a dream, but everything else is more of a nightmare. Inflexible long breaks, scheme F as a treatment plan.

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