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St.-Florian-Straße 2
64521, Groß-Gerau
+49 6152 83973


  • Montag: 06:00–23:00 Uhr
  • Dienstag: 08:00–23:00 Uhr
  • Mittwoch: 06:00–23:00 Uhr
  • Donnerstag: 08:00–23:00 Uhr
  • Freitag: 06:00–23:00 Uhr
  • Samstag: 08:00–20:00 Uhr
  • Sonntag: 08:00–20:00 Uhr

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Sportplanet Gesundheitssportzentrum: Stellungnahmen

Stephan Lange 1 year ago

Very nice and large gym, showers, rooms and toilets very clean and very nice staff and owner! All very recommendable.

Semih Öztürk 1 year ago

Everything great

Basti St. 1 year ago

Modern and well equipped studio. Beautiful classrooms. Great range of courses for presence and online. Payment for drinks and bars is only possible with a card. That makes training fun all the time. Course plan booking via app. Access is now permitted again without a mask.

Werner Hetzel 1 year ago

Great gym

sabine reh 1 year ago

Very clean, nice staff and pleasant atmosphere. I like going here. Everything is very uncomplicated here. I can only recommend.

Alexander Denk 1 year ago

Great studio

Matthias Bender 1 year ago

Good studio with everything you need.

Gabi Kreienkamp 1 year ago

Good equipment...I like coming here...not too crowded...great trainers and courses

missy wayne 1 year ago

Sehr sauber, Mitarbeiter sind super nett :) Meine Tochter geht einmal in der Woche zum Kinder-Jumping und ist total begeistert. Und ein ganz großes Lob geht an Heike, welche das Training mit den Kindern macht - sie macht das wirklich toll und die Kinder lieben sie :)

Christina Kröll 1 year ago

Super nice people great equipment

S. Steinack 1 year ago

Modernes und gut ausgestattetes Studio. Schöne Kursräume. Tolles Kursangebot für Präsenz und Online. Da macht das Training dauerhaft Spaß. Kursplan Buchung per App.

M K 1 year ago

The gym is housed in a new building. The rooms are bright and friendly. Everything clean and well maintained. The supervisors are nice and committed. When the weather is nice, courses take place on the roof terrace - with a great view. Currently (February 2022) the pandemic rules must be observed. And the weather is not suitable for the roof terrace.

Burkhard Gottwalz 1 year ago

Feel comfortable here.

Karl-Heinz Blaeser 2 years ago

Gutes Training für Hockergymnastik. Engagierte Trainerin die stets hilfsbereit ist.

Walli Ulmen 2 years ago

The gym is very clean and modern. The courses and the wellness area are also exceptionally good

Dieter Hessenbruch 2 years ago

Rehabilitation sport with Mr. Vogler highly recommended. The sports lesson is also great with Ms. Nicole, she is just a nice woman, just different.

Sunny Kolumna 2 years ago

The studio has everything, competence, friendliness, good equipment, great trainers, an incredible number of courses, great information service, top rehabilitation courses and competent trainers. Before that I was in another studio and in a club, both impersonal bankruptcies. This studio is absolutely recommendable despite the Corona times. I'm excited. Here people talk to each other, that alone is great :-)

Andrea Pintea 2 years ago

Very satisfied!

Hans juergen August 2 years ago

Everything as always!

I. P. 2 years ago

I have been in different studios for many years and I feel most comfortable here by far. Nice staff, clean studio, personable boss and everyone is always eager to respond to requests. Equipment is all tip top and nothing is missing. The drinks bar is always varied and clean, as are the changing rooms. There are enough parking spaces and the location is central. All in all TOP 1A * - keep it up.

Nick Hammond 2 years ago

Top Gym....

Marion Thomas 2 years ago

Best gym ever

Friedbert Bieser 2 years ago

Modern equipment, support from trainers

Angela Bauso 2 years ago

I am very satisfied

Svetlana Pylinski 2 years ago

Big parking lot. Nice trainers, new equipment. Good atmosphere, not too many people.

Frank Langer 2 years ago

Friendly, competent and motivated staff, very pleasant clientele, clean, well furnished and everything in good condition

Lorenzo 2 years ago

Clean studio. Pleasant atmosphere and helpful staff.

David Merten 2 years ago

Super well-kept studio with great equipment. You have all the options to get a good workout there. Clean cabins and a great shower. What is missing is a barbell bar. However, this is offset by the great devices

Bozica Banovic 3 years ago

Sehr sauber

Hans Heinrich Kuhn 3 years ago

Always my pleasure.

Ilka Mûller 3 years ago

Very friendly and helpful trainers, very friendly and helpful customers, clean premises. Do my outpatient rehab there. I am completely satisfied.

Felix Bock 3 years ago

Clean and nice staff.

Mesut Cinar 3 years ago

Great, well-kept gym with differentiated alternatives for membership. Exactly the right thing for people who do not have a super-regulated schedule and would like to have the opportunity to go for fitness training. Training hours can be booked on demand. But for regular visitors, the studio is in my opinion certainly worth a look.

xlm Billy 3 years ago

Clean well-kept studio, friendly staff and top facilities. Hammer equipment and racks, heavy dumbbells and MAG grips . Was only visiting but would recommend anyone who lives nearby to train there.

Brigitte Baumhardt 4 years ago

I have my rehab sport exercise there. My course leader is Nicole and she is an excellent person.

Marco Lenk 4 years ago

Great courses, nice staff

Mandy Stiel 4 years ago

Friendly staff, was well advised, clean changing rooms, visit a rehabilitation course there

ka ra 4 years ago

Very new and clean, well-kept equipment and changing / shower facilities. Very courteous employees, quick processing of registrations and questions at the reception desk, an incredibly wide range of courses. It is particularly worth highlighting: the yoga classes in the evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays! Three levels of difficulty on offer, which can also be wonderfully combined. And last but not least, all this about different billing models. If you come regularly, it is better to take the monthly ticket variant, if you only come from time to time or only attend certain courses, you will be happy about the option of the stamp card. They are always on offer.

Christiane Berger 4 years ago

Clean and tidy sauna. Mostly new devices. Nice coach

Elena Paul 4 years ago

Competent trainers, clean premises and relatively new equipment. Course selection huge and super nice staff! I'm completely satisfied.

Lars S. 4 years ago

A very pleasant, familiar fitness studio in which you can train well and then relax in the sauna. Devices are all clean and in good shape, at least in the morning it is not overcrowded. The staff is very friendly and you can always find a helpful trainer on the field. The sauna and relaxation area are pleasant, if not huge. Attention, the sauna is not in operation on weekdays between 12 p.m. and 4 p.m.! In terms of price it is higher than the "cheap chains", but in terms of price / performance it is significantly better than the "premium" chains. Especially when you take into account the other locations that you can also visit. All in all, you can do sports here in a pleasant atmosphere and I can highly recommend Sportplanet.

Doc Snyder 4 years ago

Absolutely professional! Good and modern equipment, good advice, trainers always on site, sauna, free drinks, low prices. All you need. Definitely to be recommended!

Stefan Proestler 4 years ago

Very good gym ?? with sauna and classrooms ... Reha Centrum right in the house

Martina Schulz 5 years ago

Nice studio with nice clientele

Christoph Beck 5 years ago


Irmtraud “Traudi” Rödiger 5 years ago

Nice sports studio with good equipment. Competent trainers and nice customers. I've been there for years and enjoy going there

V8 driver 5 years ago

clean and friendly. Highly recommended.

Ute Auer 5 years ago

A very nice gym, competent support, a large range of courses

CF G. 5 years ago

Modern and appealing ambience, good care, sufficient sports equipment, only the tense parking situation is sometimes a bit annoying.

Simone Koch 5 years ago

Very good studio. Friendly and good number of courses

Nico 6 years ago

Super Sport Studio. The best i know. Super nice people. Helpful staff.Very familiar..been there Very often and very much ..

hessenbursch 6 years ago

small studio, but everything you need!

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