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Otto-Lilienthal-Straße 2c
55232, Alzey
+49 6731 548899


  • Montag: 16:00–21:00 Uhr
  • Dienstag: 15:00–20:00 Uhr
  • Mittwoch: 16:00–21:00 Uhr
  • Donnerstag: 15:00–20:00 Uhr
  • Freitag: 16:00–18:00 Uhr
  • Samstag: Geschlossen
  • Sonntag: Geschlossen

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I am a teacher

I like to go to the beach

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I am happy

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I am going to the store.

I am a student

I am a student.

I am a student


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Kampfsportcenter Drexler The Dojo: Stellungnahmen

Mediator Ingelheim 1 year ago

We recommend! A clean and well organized martial arts school! The care is optimal and the coaches always helpful and precise in the learning or answering questions. Here learning Taekwondo is simply fun!

Ken speck (Sandokay Sportakademie) 1 year ago

The Best Dojo, unfortunately only 5 stars are possible.

Michael Just 2 years ago

Our daughter has been going to the Drexler Dojo for about three years. In the long term, I can recommend the entire package through and through. The development opportunities for the children are very good in many respects in terms of breadth and detail. TOP trainer, top organized, TOP dealing with the children, TOP training program, TOP training environment. We looked at some studios in the surrounding area in advance. It was sometimes frightening who was supposed to train children with what quality and education. In the Drexler Dojo, after seeing the training, it was immediately clear that there was an absolutely well-trained (human and professional) trainer with a clear concept and clearly recognizable values. The price-performance ratio is absolutely appropriate. Even in difficult situations such as Corona now, the head is not put in the sand, but solutions are sought to continue to offer the training in the best possible way. Keep up the good work and thank you very much for your commitment, especially towards the children. Our daughter feels really comfortable with you and she really enjoys training.

C W 2 years ago

Great dealings with the children, great trainers

Andreas Granzow 3 years ago

Super Dojang, great dojo, best teacher, absolutely professional as recommended. A must for every martial artist. Success says everything.

Bruno Newel 3 years ago

The martial arts center Drexler The Dojo can only be recommended. Experienced and experienced trainers do a very good job here. Master Oliver Drexler has been a professional martial artist for many decades and has already achieved many national and international successes. I wish Sahyun-Nym Oliver Drexler continued success!

Sportschule Fichtner Martial Arts 3 years ago

The Dojo, the martial arts center of Oliver Drexler, one of the best addresses for taekwondo and martial arts in the country! I have known Oliver for a long time. An outstanding martial artist with incredible expertise. The lessons are highly professional and the master Oliver Drexler a role model SPORTLICH HIE HUMAN! If you're really into martial arts, do not miss The Dojo!

Hans Hinz 3 years ago

One of the best martial arts schools in the country! Oliver Drexler one of the best fighters in the world! World Champion of WAKO 1987 !! Trained Tae Kwon Do Teacher !!! 7.Dan black belt !!! Has brought a mega dojo / dojang with his coaching team to Alzey! Class must be for every martial artist !!! Top quality and competence !! His coach team consists of multiple world champions! It could not be better! 5 star studio !! Hans Hinz 15 years national coach WAKO / WKO

Stefan Billen 3 years ago

The Dojo, the martial arts center Drexler is one of the top addresses for martial arts / martial arts in Germany. I can recommend this school in every way. Here professionals work at a very high level. Stefan Billen, professional association martial arts

Alexander Gross 3 years ago

Anyone looking for a professional school for themselves or their children is absolutely right here! There is no more sympathetic and better school than The Dojo !!! Anyone who values ??his children and their education and wants them to be prepared for life best, will not be around this school!

Thorsten Steinmetz 3 years ago

Top dojo. There the children learn something for the future. Far from TV and video games.

Nermin Yumlu 3 years ago

My son is thriving at Drexler and is having a lot of fun. The coaches are always friendly and courteous

Trust Martial Arts GbR Rudersberg 4 years ago

A colleague and role model who knows how to teach. His first-class school, his teaching concept, service and achievements speak for themselves! There is nothing comparable in the region. If you want the best for your child or yourself, with visible results and success, even in everyday life .... Then to The Dojo .... here every penny is invested perfectly.

Jürgen Kastner 4 years ago

Super cool location. Top coaching team. Can't go wrong.

Jens Fechner 4 years ago

A great coaching team and also among the fighters, there is a great atmosphere. The type of training is also very interesting and makes fun every time. All in all definitely worth a visit!

Marco Trump 4 years ago

Our son is enthusiastic ... Great team First-class care of the kids ...

Michael Cypra 4 years ago

Nice new training location.

Janine Zöbel 4 years ago

Everything great. Employees and offer ... Everything was great.

Kitty Cat 5 years ago

Our son has been with us for almost a year, he enjoys training and has become very important to him. As a result, he gained a lot of self-confidence. The very good work of the trainers is also noticeable at home. In addition, there is always an open ear for questions, I have never experienced unfriendly behavior. We look forward to hopefully many more training hours.

Bianka Steinke 5 years ago

We are totally enthusiastic about you, you are a great team. Always very friendly and helpful when you have a question! Our "princess" is always looking forward to Tuesdays & Thursdays when she can go to training because she has a lot of fun and her sensei's, for her, are the best in the world :-)

Harald Müller 5 years ago

Great school, great trainer, great concept, long-lasting motivation

Mariska Erkens 5 years ago

Great dojo, great team and my son (4 years) has a lot of fun with you. So far, he has never wanted to be alone and here it worked right away. Even if we do this for 30 minutes twice a week. are on the road, it's worth it.

Irina Greger 5 years ago

My 4 year old daughter has been in karate for a year and still loves going there. Very nice and experienced trainers and very good with children. I am also very satisfied with the teaching methods, my daughter has already learned a lot.

Katharina Ader 5 years ago

Our daughter (6 years) has been with Team Drexler for a year now and has learned a lot during this time. Above all, she has gained a lot of experience. She is happy every Tuesday and Thursday when she can go back to training and also practices at home ... In addition, the trainers are always very helpful and you can come to me with any problem ...

gisela claus 5 years ago

The team is super friendly and my granddaughter has become more confident. Your sense of justice is more open.

Regina Pensabene 5 years ago

Our daughter has been with us for 3 1/2 years and she enjoys it. The trainers put a lot of effort into making the training hours effective.

Laurence Bamberger 5 years ago

So ... why are there only 5 stars? It's fun for you ... well-founded knowledge with the trainers, friendly and always a tip ready ... Without forgetting .... Humor :-)

Christina Claus 5 years ago

The team motivates the kids very well and explain everything great

Michaela Feller 5 years ago

Super trainer. Max has a lot of fun.

C. Forster 5 years ago

My children always enjoy the training and they like to learn a lot! I think the concept is very good, to keep up the motivation and ambition by earning the colorful stripes

Natalie Günther 5 years ago

I think Drexler Martial Art is great because you learn a lot there and train with a friendly group, you only learn the best from the trainers. I highly recommend it.

Maik Thomczyk 5 years ago

I've been doing fitness kickboxing for a few weeks now. It's a lot of fun, the motivation is there and I already have 3 kilos below :)

Christian Orbaniak 5 years ago

Our son loves going there. His grades have improved, he is more balanced and can concentrate better. Can only be recommended

Julia Keiner 5 years ago

Finally discipline paired with fun. My son is proud of every badge he achieves. A great thing...

Jasmin Starosciak 5 years ago

Great trainers! It is easy to get up for sports: the motivation is there and is pushed! The team is super friendly and picks you up where you are. A significant increase and improvements in athletic performance are quickly noticeable. But most importantly: it will be taken care of! I can only recommend the Drexler crew! Thank you very much for the great workout with which the fun is not neglected! P.s .: Mon and Wed evening - I highly recommend fitness kickboxing! :-)

Corinna Neuhäuser 5 years ago

Great team, great trainers and the facility is well equipped. As parents, you can hand over the children here with a clear conscience. You really enjoy it. Can therefore recommend you without reservation.

Nicky M. 5 years ago

Professional trainers. The training is well tailored to the children. Always a positive atmosphere during training and the children come out happily.

Thomas Dücker-Schulz 6 years ago

Martial arts are taught here for the little ones with a lot of know-how and enthusiasm ...

Jens Castor 6 years ago

Great coaches and child-friendly lessons, even for the little ones. There are always new actions, such as competitions, cinema, etc. What more do you want? For full score!

Kampfkunst Herz “Kampfkunst Herz” 7 years ago

I can only recommend the martial arts center Drexler to everyone. I have been training there for 25 years now. Quality and sustainability are lived here.

Wing Tsun Academy Reutlingen 7 years ago

The top address for martial arts of all ages. Here you feel good :-) Only to be recommended !!!!!

Daniela Khoiprasert 7 years ago

My son has been here for 2 years and it makes fun every week. The Drexler team is always very nice and makes a great lesson with the kids.

Oliver Drexler 7 years ago

Who wants more than just martial arts is right here! Are you looking for instructors who are interested in your success? Then you are in the right hands here.

AnirahtaK 7 years ago

We are so happy with the whole team! Our daughter finally has something to look forward to regularly and is highly motivated!

Sigrid Weyer 7 years ago

I am so glad that Nadine trains with you. She has become much more confident and sometimes prevails in scandals. Thank you very much!

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