Informationen über New Galaxy GmbH Sport- und Freizeitpark

Talstraße 1
55232, Alzey
+49 6731 7101


  • Montag: 05:30–22:00 Uhr
  • Dienstag: 07:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Mittwoch: 05:30–22:00 Uhr
  • Donnerstag: 07:00–22:00 Uhr
  • Freitag: 05:30–22:00 Uhr
  • Samstag: 07:00–18:00 Uhr
  • Sonntag: 07:00–18:00 Uhr

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Hier finden Sie eine finnische Sauna, eine Aromasauna, ein Sanarium, ein Dampfbad, eine Außenbadstation, Räume zur Entspannung, Duschen und Tauchbecken. Im Sommer können Sie sich auf der großen Außenterrasse eine schöne Bräune holen, während Sie im Winter dort abkühlen können.

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New Galaxy GmbH Sport- und Freizeitpark hat seine Beschreibung noch nicht ausgefüllt.

New Galaxy GmbH Sport- und Freizeitpark: Stellungnahmen

Kai Jung 1 year ago

Cool GYM

Mubarek Ahmed 1 year ago

Basln SKshhs 1 year ago

Very nice studio Opening times are great but a little longer wouldn't be bad

Fridolin “Ka rl” Sause 1 year ago

Large area, good equipment, friendly staff with sauna area and salt cave

Jochen Amadeus Henss 1 year ago

Great studio, great atmosphere, great hygiene, great team

Totsten Krah 1 year ago

Very nice studio. Top sports equipment. Recommendable

Stefan Seidenfaden 2 years ago

Clean, nice-competent staff. Always good parking. Long opening times.

Adrian 2 years ago

jo nice

Niklas Menzel 2 years ago

Top devices and great equipment!

Yannick B. 2 years ago

Nice studio.

Eva Brauerhoch 2 years ago

Super sport in a stylish design ... and sauna! I don't like it since the renovation. And Corona didn't make it any better ...

Martina Froehlich 2 years ago

It's a paradise for me ..... Since I am completely satisfied, I can only recommend this studio.

Michael Bender 2 years ago

First impression was good. Very modern and not overcrowded

Nicole Redey 3 years ago

Very nice studio

Heike Ullmer 3 years ago

I have been very well advised to re-enter today

Gabriele Schramm 3 years ago


Piotr Mlynarczyk 3 years ago


Klaus Kühn 3 years ago

The fitness studio on vacation got the taste and was therefore of the opinion that I had to continue after the holiday. You just realize that this is good for you. As my family goes there and is satisfied this was the most obvious thought. I am more than satisfied with the decision, the studio offers me more than I currently need, the equipment is high quality the staff very nice. There are many courses offered in all directions, which I do not use. Changing rooms and showers are available as well as parking facilities.

P. Lindemayer MadamX 3 years ago

If you like doing sports here is just right. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The equipment is great and fun to work out

Bärbel FOLTEN 3 years ago

Great modern fitness studio with very good equipment, competent trainers and a pleasant atmosphere.

Philipp Braun 3 years ago

Renovation is more than successful!

Boris Janzer 3 years ago

Been a member for years. Top.

Dieter Sieben 3 years ago

Very nicely equipped fitness center with many training options, great sauna and friendly staff. Feel good all around.

Linda Zimmermann 3 years ago

Absolutely great

Vee Sri El'se 4 years ago

My sister take a taekwondo here. And they have a good cafe beside.

Edgard Pfeifer 4 years ago

Top staff are all friendly and clean. Is it just class

lukas fabbian 4 years ago

Friendly staff, large selection of appliances ...

Karen Schmitz 4 years ago

Friendly, competent and reliable, good offers, clean and good drinks/foods

helke sorge 4 years ago

It was great for Dany, unfortunately too few participants. I hope it's still single pair seniors an.Denn Dany goes to your problems one. So people pulls you up and do something for your well-being, it makes quite a lot of fun.

Gisela Neu 4 years ago

Very good gym, very good rehabilitation program and other courses. Very good parking.

Schwarz Luca 4 years ago

It's just cool who you work in the kitchen Dan has a lot of fun

Harald Reinfelder 4 years ago


Sieglinde Grundy-Köhnen 4 years ago

Friendly, very competent and very helpful

Niko Paltzer 4 years ago

Extensive courses, good facilities, sympathetic trainers, several times a week also from 5:30 o'clock open.

Markus Bachen 4 years ago

A fitness studio that you love to go to

Martin Kreis 4 years ago

Devices are great and there is something for everyone from pumpers to fun athletes who train their mouth more than chest arms b Belly etc.

Yvonne Barth 4 years ago


Daniel Wissmann 4 years ago

Everything was clean, all friendly. No reason to complain

Marion Zimmermann 4 years ago

Great studio

Frank Lieber 4 years ago

great gym great support

Stefanie Rück 5 years ago

Great studio, nice people ..

Mathias Wagner 5 years ago

Alzey's oldest gym and by the way the biggest!

Sascha Tekin 5 years ago

Great gym with everything you need!

adam “Boss” 5 years ago

Great team. Good care. And great facility

Peter Antweiler 5 years ago

Very nice fitness studio with a great sauna area.

Klaus Becker 6 years ago

Good facilities and friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, there is no good ventilation or air conditioning. It would be pleasant if the heat was more than 30 degrees.

Andreas Schmitt 6 years ago

Everything was there sauna, solarium, salt cave and trainers are the endeavors

Sebastian Orbulescu 6 years ago

Very friendly and capable staff!

T S 6 years ago

Pleasant atmosphere, great service, appliances also Top Wi-Fi

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